Thank you for your course enrolment – we look forward to welcoming you as a student of The Open College of Equine Studies!

Next steps…

  1. You will receive an email within one business day which will include a link to a simple finance application form to complete online. This will clearly guide you through the pre-contract explanation before digitally signing the application with ‘eSignature’.
  2. Omni Capital is usually able to validate the identification of an applicant without the requirement for additional identification. There may be some situations where further documentation is required; this can be provided online and there is no requirement for paper documentation.
  3. Once submitted a decision is returned within 10 seconds. As soon as your application is approved you then pay TOCES the deposit (initial payment) and your enrolment will be processed.

Following payment of the deposit: 

Your enrolment will be processed as swiftly as possible and  you will receive your login details which will provide access to everything you need to start your studies. This includes:

* Study Guide: this explains how the courses work, how to access your course materials, how to access support and complete and submit assignments;

* Study Planner: this explains what you need to be working on, when to submit assignments and study week dates (if applicable);

* Student Networking Opportunities: how to keep in contact with TOCES and fellow students via our online ‘Coffee Shop’ and Facebook Group.

We have a team of support staff and tutors dedicated to ensuring you gain the most from your studies and if you need further information or guidance, we can be contacted online, by email or telephone.

If you have any questions about this process please contact us.

We look forward to working with you!

Best wishes

Julie Brega