BHS Horse Knowledge and Care Stage 4


This course allows those unable to attend traditional training courses or train as a working pupil, to complete BHS Stage 4 Horse Knowledge and Care examination preparation through distance learning. The distance learning element can be supplemented by a five-day intensive Study Week at which a mock BHS examination is taken.

  • i.e SR64593
  • Please supply a copy of a valid form of identification e.g. Passport, Drivers License or other photographic identification documentation. Alternatively, please forward a copy of this to our office to our postal address.
  • If you choose to receive course material in the post, all course material will be printed in colour, collated and presented in a TOCES ringbinder. PDF course material can be sent at no additional cost. A maximum of four modules can be sent at a time and the following fees are payable each time new course material is sent.
  • £ 0.00